Electric Scooter – The Perfect Pressie!

My son’s 13th birthday is coming up soon. Granted, he’s been a bit of a handful lately, but I know he’s a good kid and he deserves something nice. The past few weeks I was struggling to find something and I know as a mother it is unforgivable not knowing what he really wants! You’d think he’d be dropping hints like crazy but he’s not given me any real clues so far. I have seen him checking out the neighbour’s electric scooter and I have to admit it looks like fun – but what do I know about them! It isn’t so hard to find an electric scooter, but for my son I wanted the best electric scooter I could get my hands on.

I can now call myself a bit of an expert after spending a few evenings researching! Basically there are 2 types – lower powered scooters with hard wheels, and higher powered scooters with inflatable tyres. My first thought was that the high powered electric scooters would be very dangerous for kids. Me and my over thinking brain – the boys love adventure, and I’m sure if I get him anything but the fastest he’ll be disappointed. And besides, speaking to my neighbour, his boy hasn’t had any accidents on his electric scooter to worry about. I trust my son that he is able to take care of himself since he will be 13 soon and being at that age, they are already aware on how careful they need to be when riding fast. Sure, accidents can happen but with a helmet and ridden in a safe environment (ie. not on the street) the risk is much lower.

So, what did I find out about electric scooters? From what I can tell, the most popular brand is Razor and they also seem to be the easiest to purchase. There are a number of models in the Razor range, so I found this article the most helpful to decide on the best one to buy – http://www.coolkiddystuff.com/3-best-electric-scooters-for-kids

It was really between the E300 (the biggest & fastest) or the RX200 which is suitable to take off road, or on dirt anyway. I thought the model which could go on dirt would be the most durable, but I have to admit that my son is growing fast! I’d hate to buy what is a fairly expensive present for him to grow out of it a year or 2 later… so of course I had to buy the E300.

I’m sure he’ll love it!


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