Should I Stay Or Should I Go? New Job Offer

An interesting situation has arisen. As a bit of a background, with the saving for the trip to Italy in 2017 and lately with the extra expenses for Christmas, there isn’t a lot left at the end of the month. But the accounting firm that I work for has offered me a position in their main office – in Sydney. Darwin to Sydney is a huge move, not just in distance, but lifestyle as well.

The pay is substantially better, and even after accounting for the high cost of living in Sydney, it would be much easier to save for our holiday in Italy. I have to admit that I do miss what’s on offer in a large city since leaving Melbourne, but I am having second thoughts whether I should take this job  offer  or  not. Over the school holidays my relationship with my son has been improving and he’s made friends with some boys on the AFL team who I think are a good influence for him. So, given all that I’m wondering if it is the right time to make him change schools just for the a higher paying job. Is it worth it?

I have thought about what it would be like in Sydney. I know that I’ll have a higher salary, which means that I can indulge on the things that I want to get for myself and my son. However, all of those may not be worth it if I am going to destabilise my son again and we might not get the same sense of community that we have here in Darwin. Even though this year was disrupting for my son, I’ve seen him doing well with this school work and he’s really getting interested in joining the AFL team.

I could talk with him about this if he is fine with it though. If  he  is  really  okay  with  it,  and  if  I see  that  he  really does  feel  fine,  I will  take  on  the  job  offer.  My  son is my priority after all.